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November 25, 2013- Happy Thanksgiving !

What we’ve been up to the last week

This past week was all hands on deck before the frigid cold weather was to arrive. The 10 fruit trees arrived and we needed to get them in the ground. First we had to fill in a low place with a load of sand topsoil.

We then laid off where wanted the trees and then drilled the holes with the tractor auger. We added compost to each hole along with a little sand topsoil. Got all 10 trees planted and then mulched around them to protect the roots from freezing. This brings the orchard up to 26 trees.

Next on the agenda was getting the next blackberry crop planted. Same deal with them, we used the tractor auger, mulched and added some sand topsoil. Went back and added leaves to the bed to protect the tender roots. Ended up planting another 16 plants.IMG_1133

Moving on to the elderberries, we had 6 sprouts left from the summer so we added them to the existing row for a total of 21 plants. These make excellent juice and we use it to help keep colds and flu away. There are so many uses for elderberries such as making jams and jellies also.

Next up was the asparagus. This was our first full year since we planted it so we were not able to take any this year. We cut all the old stalks off and removed them from the beds. Next we covered the roots with a lite covering of leaf mulch. 4 rows @ 75′ long equals 375 crowns. In February of 2014 we will add another 200 Crowns.IMG_1138

Our compost/mulch pile is growing! These piles will be Black Gold for us in a year or so. It is one of the best fertilizer’s we could ever have. We use tons of it to build and keep our soil at the best growing level we can and it’s all natural.

We will leave you with this awesome fall color of our blueberries! They were simply the sweetest most beautiful berries this year. We have another dozen to get in the ground soon. Such beautiful fall colors!

Winter is a time of catching up for us. There seems to always be a project or something to do. We wish each one of you a Blessed & Happy Thanksgiving!

White Oak Farm NC
“Growing Good Food For Good People”

The High Tunnel Begins

From day one we have said that we wanted to be able to grow in a High Tunnel in order to have better control of our Carolina weather. One day it can be 65 degrees and the next day we may have snow on the ground. High Tunnel Greenhouses are structures that are designed not to be heated but allowing the grower to have an extra 30 days of growing season at the start and at the end of seasons.

Last week we ordered the High Tunnel and it will take about 2 weeks to get here. This year we will build a temporary wall inside and heat part of it to start our seedlings for the 2014 growing season.

In the mean time we have begun to level and square our foundation. Follow along as we continue to “Grow Good Food For Good People”.