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Long Cold Winter – Looking for Spring !

We finally get the high tunnel to the place where we are ready to put the plastic on and down comes the snow.


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I guess it was a good thing that we were not finished, with the heavy snow load there were a lot of farmers in the area that had their tunnels and chicken houses collapse because of the snow load.

Tomatoes in the snow

Tray of tomatoes sitting in the snow waiting on Spring.


Our plants are waiting in the sun-room for a place to grow outside.


While working from a ladder on the high tunnel It began to shake. When I looked down I see this Black Lab trying to climb up. After weeks of trying to find her owner…….with no luck, we adopted her.        Meet Amy !


The day finally arrived…….pretty weather, not much wind and willing family members that want to help get the plastic on. It was a great Day !



Sides rolled up on the high tunnel.


Sides down with wind strapping installed.


Inside the tunnel we installed 50 gallon black barrels full of water as a heat sink to store heat inside. We also added 16 tons of sand topsoil, lots of compost and then tilled all that into 5- 60′ rows.


We then transplanted our squash & cucumbers in one full row.


Added some swiss chard & lettuce on the edges for our own personal use.


33 degrees outside and almost 4″ of rain. A miserable day but work goes on.


Finally got the other 4 rows of tomatoes planted, covered with row cover to help keep them warmer. Water bottles line the outside rows to help keep the plants warmer on these frigid nights.


Candy onions waiting to go in the ground……soon I hope.


Propagating sweet potatoes slips for a summer planting.


Early field crops of cabbage and broccoli. Shortly after it was planted the monsoons came, so we will see ! First Farmers Market in Montgomery County is April 10th and Stanley County market following that Saturday.

Now it’s finally time to catch up on projects that we have let slide over the last few months. Time to honor commitments to friends for a night out for good food and fellowship. It’s a lot of hard work but we enjoy “Growing Good Food For Good People”. We are Blessed !