Happy New Year 2014 !

Rain, Cold, Rain some more and turn Cold, then what……..more rain. I’m sure when July rolls around we will want more rain but right now it’s delaying our high tunnel / greenhouse project. So this morning we get up to our coldest temps in a long time.

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So it’s really too cold to work outside so we do the next best thing and plant tomatoes, or should I say transplant tomatoes. We started our first round of tomatoes in the sun-room on December 23. All of these are scheduled to go into the high tunnel the first of March along with some early cucumbers and squash.



We built a seed starting rack this year with lights and a heater for quicker germination. That was installed in our sun-room so it’s made for an excellent starting room. The tomatoes have been Happy, Happy, Happy with all the extra light and warmth.



We have just about run out of room with this first planting. This past week we seeded another 400 Candy onions along with all the other plants (Broccoli, Cabbage, Collards, Kale, lettuce, Swiss Chard, tomatoes, squash and cucumbers) that are already growing.



The High tunnel continues but slowly. We have the sides completed except for the staining. The east end foundation is in and we have started the west end. The doors were built inside the shop and when installed  will allow us access inside the high tunnel with the tractor when needed. Hopefully if the weather will cooperate we will finish it up in the next couple of weeks.


There seems to always be something to do or another project that needs to be started. We need to get another walk in cooler started along with a washing / packing shed built. Our new gardening areas need more compost added and ridged up for our early planting . If slow and steady wins the race then we should be on course for a good year ! Here’s wishing you and your family a healthy & prosperous New Year !

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  1. Sheila Menendez

    It’s always amazing to me the growth of a plant from seed, the taking of root and reaching toward the sky. Looking great! I hope you are enjoying the nurturing of those little babies!

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