What’s At The Market This Week- May 21, 2014

After last weeks Montgomery Farmers Market got rained out things have really taken off in the field. Blueberries are coming along nicely and they just loved the 3″ of rain that we got. Hopefully by the middle of June we will have some nice berries at the Markets !

This weeks forecast as of now is a 30% chance of thunderstorms for Thursday’s Market. That’s much better than the 100% Last week. So this week at the Montgomery Farmers Market in downtown Troy from 3:30 – 6:30 p.m. we will have- Zucchini, swiss chard, onions, radishes, mustard greens, broccoli, cucumbers.

Our yellow squash looks to be another week out and we are holding our breath for the first ripe tomato. It’s all up to mother nature now but they are really drinking the water, almost a gallon a day per plant. That’s what it takes though to make juicy maters.


Long rows of potatoes, green-beans & peas loving the last rain.

As always we appreciate your support. Stop by Thursday and see all the local vendors at the market in Troy.