What’s At The Market This Week- July 2, 2014

Last week we attended 3 markets, One in Montgomery County and Two in Stanley County. By the  time Saturday afternoon rolled around we were bone tired but life goes on.

This week we will have lots of fresh produce for both markets. Red potatoes, White potatoes, Yellow squash, Green & yellow zucchini squash, Colored bell peppers, Banana peppers, Canine peppers, Red candy onions, white candy onions, tomatoes for sandwich’s, tomatoes for salads, tomatoes for anything ! We also have cucumbers and maybe the first of the egg plants. Peas, Peas and more peas (purple hull/ pink eyes), we’ve got green beans and the list goes on.

With out you the customer we would not be able to do this on the scale that we do. It’s simply amazing the calls we get wanting good food ! So if there’s ever a time that you can not make the market and want good, pesticide free produce then feel free to email us at  sales@whiteoakfarmnc.com or give us a call. We make local deliveries daily !

As always…….We do appreciate you the customer and the support you give us !


Lots of purple hull peas.


Colored bell peppers make a salad more colorful !


Egg plants on the way.