What’s At The Market This Week- July 9, 2014

Where do we start ?……..It’s DRY ! Several years ago we added a rain catchment system for our own personal garden. This system has worked good for us until we expanded and started market gardening. Now with the drought that we are in, not so much.

Over the last 30 days we have been pulling out of the pond for irrigation. Now we are to the point that we have to stop so we don’t endanger low levels of oxygen to the fish. It normally takes us around 1000 gallons of water every other day just to sustain things. It’s beginning to show in the plants though so we have moved to hauling water from town. We hope that this don’t last long and we get rain !

This week at the markets we will have  Red & Green tomatoes, squash- Yellow & zucchini , cucumbers, sweet pepper, New red potatoes and White Kennebec potatoes, Green-beans, Candy onions (white & red), banana peppers, cayenne peppers, jalapeno peppers and what ever else is ready.

With the drought we are running behind (as usual) getting ready for the fall crops. Yep it’s that time for seedlings for an August planting. Some of our late crops this year are going to be pumpkins, late cantaloupe and late watermelons. These things we enjoy late as much as we do early. So if the rains come we should have plenty.


Neon pumpkins coming for fall decorations.


Late watermelons (Sugar Babies)


Athena cantaloupe


Our late pollinator for the bees. Beautiful Sunflowers!

Hope to see you at the markets !