What’s At The Market This Week- July 16, 2014

Well we finally got that much needed rain. After 40 days of pumping and hauling water we can finally breath a little easier now. Hopefully we can save the last half of our season.

Our sweet potato crop (vines) are looking good and we have a Mid August dig date already scheduled. So the last week of August or First week of September we hope to have our Sweets ready for market.

This week we will have the first of our Yellow tomatoes. The Carolina Gold is a low acid firm tomato that taste as good as it looks. So if you need a low acid tomato this one may be for you. Along with them we will have our red & green Mountain Spring tomatoes, Our heirloom Arkansas Traveler tomatoes, squash- Yellow & zucchini along with the first of the butternuts , cucumbers, sweet pepper, New red potatoes and White Kennebec potatoes, Candy onions (white & red), banana peppers, cayenne peppers, jalapeno peppers and what ever else is ready.

Hope to see you at the market !