What’s At The Market This Week- July 30, 2014

Out with the old & ready for the new. That’s what’s been going on this week. The corn crop is on it’s last leg so we have begin taking it out with anticipation of planting our fall crops. We still have right much coming in and the blueberries are going wild. We thought it was going to be a slack year and then the rains came.

That’s our feature this week….Juicy blueberries ! No we can’t compete with the big grocery stores on price ! But then again we don’t try too. Ours are pesticide free, hand picked and you know where they come from.

So this week at the Montgomery Co. Farmers Market in Troy we will have lots of blueberries ! We love the homemade blueberry biscuits and that’s what our samples will be at the market this week. Along with the berries we will have…….Green beans, peas, (green, red & yellow tomatoes) more of the sweet salad tomatoes.  Cucumbers, okra, Sweet pepper (green-yellow) hot banana pepper, cayenne pepper, jalapeno pepper,  yellow squash & zucchini squash (yellow & green), butternut squash, Red candy onions  and what ever else pops up.

Hope to see you at the market !