What’s At The Market This Week- August 7, 2014

Well things are starting to wind down just a little. The last rain of over 5″ has the peas jumping again and we will have some at the market this week. Hopefully the fields will be dry enough to work again so we can get the winter crops in soon.

This Thursday 3:30-6:30 at the Montgomery County Farmers Market in Troy we will have some of the sweetest cantaloupes ever ! Athena are know for their sweet taste and I can personally tell you they are good ! Along with the cantaloupes we will have-   Peas, (green, red & yellow tomatoes) more of the sweet salad tomatoes.  Cucumbers, okra, Sweet pepper (green-yellow) hot banana pepper, cayenne pepper, jalapeno pepper,  yellow squash & zucchini squash (yellow & green), butternut squash, Red candy onions.

As always we appreciate your support !