What’s At The Market This Week- August 14, 2014

Another busy week here, the rains have slowed down the field work but that’s alright. We would much rather be too wet than too dry. We have moved back into the high tunnel and started weeding again. It’s a never ending cycle but we have got to get it ready for some of the fall tomatoes and other late crops.

The sweet potatoes are running about 2 weeks behind and I assume it was because of the dry summer we had. Hopefully this last monsoon will get them moving in the right direction and they want rot in the ground. Time will tell though.

The pumpkins will come off soon and they will be moved to the tractor shed for curing. Same deal here we hope all the rain has not made any soft spots on them. Hopefully it will dry out soon so we can get in the patch and see what’s going on.

This Thursday at the Montgomery Co. Farmers Market in Troy (3:30-6:30) we will have a few peas & green-beans already shelled and snapped in quart bags. We know that working families are pushed for time but still want to eat healthy. So this week will offer a few bags of each. We will also have- Tomatoes and more of the sweet salad tomatoes. Cucumbers, okra, Sweet pepper, hot banana pepper, cayenne pepper, jalapeno pepper, yellow squash, zucchini squash and butternut squash.

Hope to see you at the Market ! Thanks for all the support you have given us.


Peas & Green-beans ready to go.


Sweet potatoes are a few weeks out.