Time to do it Again ! 12/6/14

Well the break is over, Christmas draws near so it’s time to do it all over again. This year seems a little different though, we have explored more options, learned from our mistakes, seen what our customers want us to grow, learned how much of what to plant, how much to order and how long it takes. It’s a cycle that we have to record or we forget what we’ve done.

There’s schools to attend, lectures to listen too and farms to visit and collaborate with, but when the middle of February gets here we do it all over again ! Trying our best to “Grow Good Food For Good People.”

So for the past week we have been trying to reclaim the Spring (2015) onion patch. With over 1200 spring onions in the ground of white, red & yellow the weeds had just about taken over. Before you ask, Yes there is a chemical that can kill those weeds but Who wants to eat onions after spraying chemicals all over them ? Not Us ! So we do the next best thing and pull all of them by hand. Yes a pain staking job but the reward is great in the end….Delicious, chemical free Onions !

So join us if you will on our 2015 journey – Growing Good Food !- Merry Christmas Folks !

Weeds & Clover 12/14

Carolina Geranium weed had just about take over the onions. There is a little clover mixed in also.

Weeds 12/14 Hand pulled

Hand pulled weeds. 4 tractor buckets full.

Tilled Onions/weed free 12/14


Yes there are Onions under those weeds ! Tilled and weed free now.

Mulched Onions 12/14

Mulched, fertilized and ready for a long cold winter. These should be great come the end of March, 2015. Hope to see you at the Markets in 2015 !