Our 2019 Country Basket Program is Now Full ! Last Years customers filled all Available Spots. We appreciate All our Customers. 


For the 2019 Farming Season We are going to offer A limited number of our Country Baskets delivered on Wednesday or Thursday (depending on route) within 20 miles of our Farm to your door. ( If you are ­outside this area, ask us about a pick up point) Delivery will begin sometime from the first to Middle of May (depending on weather) and run for 12 weeks until around the end of July.

This Year we will  offer Two Sizes of Country Baskets. Our Large Country Basket will be delivered in a 3/4 Bushel Box and will feed a family of 2-4 people (Approximately). The price of the Large Country Basket Delivered is $30.

Our Small Country Basket will be delivered in a 1/2 Bushel Box and will feed 2 people (Approximately). The price of the Small Country Basket Delivered is $25 

This Year we are going to offer Several Pay & Vacation Options to fit your Budget.

We will Offer A Lump Sum Payment/with Discount paid up front . You may Choose to receive A Country Basket For All 12 Weeks or Skip A week of your Choice for 11 weeks of Delivery.

  • 12- Weeks Large Country Basket/ Delivered & paid up-front, $336.00
  • 11- Weeks Large Country Basket/ Delivered & paid up-front- $308.00
  • OR
  • 12- Weeks Small Country Basket/Delivered & paid up-front – $276.00
  • 11- Weeks Small Country Basket/Delivered & paid up-front – $253.00

 You May also elect to Pay As You Go Each Week But To Reserve Your Space we Require First and Last Deliveries Paid in Advance.

  • Pay As You Go Large Country Basket/Delivered-$30 a Week, with $60 Due at Sign up.
  • Pay As You Go Small Country Basket/Delivered-$25 a Week, With $50 Due at Sign up.

With Pay As You Go, We will collect for all other Country Baskets the Day of delivery and we allow one Vacation Week if needed. Please tell us 1 week in advance if possible. We accept Cash, Checks or Money Orders.

This is Due By March 7, 2019 on a First Come (first pay) basis. There are only a “Limited Number” available and we expect them to fill up quickly. We will advise when we are full and begin a waiting list.


 How We Grow

 We grow all our vegetables using all Organic Methods. We are not Certified Organic but we grow from Start to Finish with All the “Good Stuff”. No Pesticides, No Herbicides, and No Synthetic Fertilizers. We want you to Enjoy “GOOD” Safe Food like we eat !

Beginning this season because of all the concerns over e coli and Lettuce we have built a new lettuce and greens tunnel. Our lettuce will be grown hydroponically and enclosed inside. We want you to have the very safest food possible.

 For the 2019 Season

Selling at Several Farmers Markets has introduced us to other Farmers. These People specialize in products that we don’t grow or have available. These fruits and berries are what we buy and use ourselves. This year when available we are working with these folks to provide them in your Country Baskets from time to time. You can expect berries and peaches, (In season)  We think you will love these additions. If we have crop failure on a particular vegetable or berry we will fill in from a Like Minded Farmer.

What We Provide

“Good” Fresh variety of Vegetables (Pesticide Free) Picked fresh, rinsed and packed in baskets and containers. We then deliver them to your home or business for 12 weeks.

Note: Baskets & Containers are property of White Oak Farm. Each week we will pick up the previous weeks baskets & containers to reuse again. Even though we grow in the organic ways and rinse veggies- “It is always recommended to wash Items before consumption.” We highly recommend you leave a Cooler outside each week for your delivery.

Peace of Mind

White Oak Farm gives you Peace of mind that you are getting the freshest, nutritious and local grown produce available. You are also supporting local Agriculture and “We Appreciate It.” Your satisfaction is our utmost concern.

How Do I sign Up ?

Fill out attached form completely-


 mail it back to the address on the form along with the appropriate amount to Reserve your space for our Country Baskets. We Only have A Limited Number of Spaces Available so sign up As Soon As possible.

Remember Deadline for Signing up is March 7, 2019 or earlier if all slots are filled.

Make Checks or Money Orders Payable to- White Oak Farm.

Thank You !

We appreciate your support of our Small Farm

Gary & Connie Dunn

Web site- whiteoakfarmnc.com

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/WhiteOakFarmNC/?ref=hl