In 1900 my great grandparents were married and moved to this farm. It started out as a sustainable farm, as it sustained their family’s life’s by living and bartering off the land. My great grandfather grew all the vegetables for the family along with wheat and cotton to sell or barter with.

Staying with both of my grandfathers during the summer when I was young gave me the back ground to grow fresh vegetables, fruits and berries. Along with raising tobacco it was just a way of life for them. Hard honest work.

After the farm set vacant through my grandmothers generation my Uncle ended up buying the farm and started returning it to a sustainable farm. For him it was like starting over again with bare land. It took years of bush hogging and cleaning to get the farm back in condition to farm and plant.

In 2006 we joined him here on the farm building a new home, shop and equipment sheds. The pond was built in 2008 and is used for our own fish and irrigation when needed for the many vegetables and fruits we grow. This was suppose to be just a hobby but turned into a job real quick. A job that we love I might add. We found that it was hard to get fresh, local and safe fruits and vegetables and there was a need for it. We realized that we didn’t want the kids or grand-kids to eat something that was not good for them either so we started planting even more for our family’s and friends.

In February 2013 we went back to school to learn some of the new ways of farming. We have attended the Piedmont Farm School to get the most up to date methods of safe, sustainable farming….just like my grandparents did.

Being the 4th generation to farm this land 120 years later We have decided to share our wonderful bounty with you the customer. We will be located at several different farmers markets in the area. I think you will find that we have some of the freshest, safest vegetables & berries that you will ever try. We thank you for your continued support.

Gary & Connie Dunn

White Oak Farm

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  1. Ron and Kathy Copple

    Monday, December 16, 2013
    Gary and Connie,
    We finally got a chance to visit your website. What a joy to be able to see all the things you shared with us on Friday evening. Wow, you have quite an operation. Cannot wait to see it in person. Wishing you a most blessed Christmas with your dear family. Certainly your holiday celebrations began on Saturday as you rejoiced at the birthday party. Hope to see you soon, Ron and Kathy Copple

  2. Ron and Kathy Copple

    So very good to see you today Connie and Gary. Visiting your website this afternoon is such fun. What a joy to hear that you are supplying so many folks with healthy foods. Really hope to come see your operation first hand.

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